NHRC interacts on Election Code of Conduct

  June 26, 2017 By: INSEC

NHRC regional office of Dhanusha has organized an interaction program with stakeholders in Gaighat of Dhanusha on the issue of whether the election code of conduct was followed or not.

In the interaction program, the participating candidates of the party drew the attention of the commission on political parties spending above the criteria determined by the COC, ineffective monitoring of COC, polling stations not being elderly and disabled friendly etc.

The participants said that there is some places where voters have to walk for 3 to 4 hours to cast their votes. In such situation, the voting rights of elderly and disabled people are being violated.

Smililarly, assistant in chargeMani Khambu of Maoist center claimed that the code of conduct has been followed more strictly in this election as compared to the past. Human Rights Officer Rewa Regmi of the commission stressed that everyone must follow the law of election which is code of conduct.


Bharat Khadka