NHRC chair Sharma urges for creating awareness on human rights issues

  October 9, 2017 By: INSEC

Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission Anupraj Sharma has said that the state will not witness progress unless improvement in the human rights sector according to RSS.

Speaking at a-three-day seminar on Asian Human Rights Charter and Rights on Democracy and Justice organized by the Democratic Freedom and Human Rights Institute here in the capital today, chair Sharma urged the human rights institutions to aware the people about human rights issues as no concrete progress has been experienced in the sector even after the establishment of the democracy in the country.
Similarly, former Commissioner of the NHRC Sushil Pyakurel shared that the human rights sectors could witness improvement if the values of the SAARC charter were enforced.
On the occasion, human rights activists of India and Bangladesh presented the working papers on the human rights and gender equality in South Asia in today’s session.

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