NHRC asks government to save Ganga Maya’s life

  June 8, 2018 By: INSEC

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has urged the government to save the life of Ganga Maya, who is currently on a fast-onto-death, demanding investigation and action against the culprits on the murder of her son, Krishna Prasad Adhikari quoting RSS.

Issuing a press release Friday, Officiating Secretary at NHRC, Yagya Prasad Adhiarki, drew the government’s attention that Ganga Maya’s health was rapidly deteriorating owing to frequent fast-onto-death with the demand of justice. NHRC has been seriously concerned about her feeble health condition, he added.
NHRC Members Prakash Wasti and Govind Sharma Poudel had taken stock of the health condition of Ganga Maya, reaching Bir Hospital on Friday itself.
The government has been urged by the NHRC again to initiate action against those involved in the murder of Ganga Maya’s son as per the Supreme Court order.

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