Nepali Media In 2016: Peaceful but impunity remains

  December 31, 2016 By: INSEC

A study showed that in 2016,  Nepali media was in peaceful envirnoment however the impunity remained in crime against press freedom.

The annual report made public by the freedom Forum on December 31 has shown that there has been a decrease in an incident of violation of press freedom this year as compared to the last. In 2015, there were 83 incidents on press freedom violations and among them one journalist was killed. According to the report, last year there were 25 incidents of press freedom violation.

From January 2016 to December, 11 journalists were attacked, five incidents of thretenings and four incidents of normal intimidations were reported.

During this period most of the incidents happened in province number 3. There were total of 12 incidents. Among those incidents most of them were from security guilds and politically motivated by its soster organizations. The report said that it is unfortunate that all the incidents happened in capital which is in province number 3.

Similarly, in province number 1, one incident, in province nymber 2, six incidents, in province 7, two incidents of press-freedom violation were reported. In province number 4 and 6, no incidents of violation of press-freedom reported. Most of the journalists were attacked while reporting news regarding corruption, irregularities, and agitation.

Executive ditrector Tara Nath Dahal of Freedom Forum while analysing policy of media said “It is positive step that National Media Policy has been approved by Ministry cabinet however the policy will remain incomplete until the mistakes inside the policy is not corrected”.


Kumar Chaulagain/ RSS