Sunday , 17th February 2019

Sunday , 17th February 2019

NC and CPN UML accused Maoist (Centre) for violating election Code of Conduct

April 23, 2017 By INSEC

Nepali Congress and CPN UML of the district have accused Maoist (Centre) for violating election code of conduct. The parties have drawn the attention of chief election officer about the incident.

The attention of chief election officer  Kiran Prasad Siwakoti has been drawn by the parties accusing parliamenterian Shyam Kumar Shrestha of Maoist(Centre) of taking electricity poll up to the village asking for the votes.

They complained of digging road with dozer and taking electricity poll which is not even in a project.

Speaking at the interaction program, Nepali Congress district chairperson Labashree Neupane said that transporting of electricity poll in all wards of the Sunapati Village asking for the vote is going on. NC party has also handed over the memorandum to the election officer. District Chairperson Shanti Prasad Paudel of CPN UML accused Parliamentarian Shrestha of violating election code of conduct. Shrestha has violated the election code of conduct by unloading electricity polls in Doramba village council 1 and 10 and also to other parts of Manthali municipality-4.

The election officer of the district has urged all the political parties to follow election code of conduct and participate in an election.


Nawa Raj Pathik