Sunday , 17th February 2019

Sunday , 17th February 2019

Mother-in-law killed on an allegation of being witch

September 1, 2018 By INSEC

Police have confirmed that the body of elderly woman found in the community jungle at Kapurkot Rural Municipality-2 was killed.

Khopi Rawat ,69 of Tulsipur Sub-metropolis-9 was beaten to death by her younger sister-in-law Tanki Rawat,40 according to District Police Office of Salyan.

On August 19 the accused took her mother-in-law to the witch doctor and was killed near the community jungle at Kapurkot Rural Municipality-2 according to the preliminary investigation of the Police said DSP Birendra Bahadur Shahi.

Area Police Office has arrested the accused from Krishnanagar of India according to DSP Prakash Sapkota. The accused said that she killed her mother-in-law after the witch doctor said that she is a witch.

Meena Budathoki