Morning Rally on the occasion of World Child Labor Day

  June 12, 2017 By: INSEC

A morning rally has been organized in Kathmandu on the occasion of 16th world child labor day.

The rally was led by Labor department and it was started from Tikune Kathmandu before converting into the triangle assembly in Maitighar Madala.

The participants chanted slogan holding the placard to end child labor during the program.

Similarly, in Itahari of Sunsari district some of the schools have organized a morning rally in participation of students on the occasion of world child labor day.

The students and children participating in rally chanted the slogans against the child labor.

According to INSEC district representative Manohar Kumar Pokhrel of Saptari, in Rajbiraj, the children staged drama and various program on the occasion of world labor day. The morning rally with the main slogan of “protect children from labor in conflict and emergency” rounded the city.

According to labor power 2066 in Nepal there are 1.7 million children as a child labor. Among them 6,21,000 children are under risk.


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