More than Fifty Percent children suffering from Malnutrition

  November 2, 2017 By: INSEC

The District Public Health Office said that 54.5% of the children in the district are suffering from malnutrition. According to the office the percent is not a good sign.

The District public health office said that the base line survey in 2012 had found that there were 81% children suffering from malnutrition which has dropped down to 54.5% this year.

The district’s agriculture, health and animal service office has been working to minimize the malnutrition rate however, the rate is seen to be high. There has not been significant changes in district’s food security and malnutrition despite of various program related to food security in the district.

In budget implementation point of view the progress is remarkable however there has not been significant improvement in malnutrition and food security.

The district public health officer Angat Bahadur Shahi said that awareness program is being operated in the district so that pregnant women and children do not have to suffer from malnutrition.

Senior animal development officer Madhav Prasad Aryal said that the nutrition of children can be improved to some extent if the production of milk, egg, fishes and meat is increased.


Man Datta Rawal