Morcha Cadres set fire on Motor bike, Minute captured from the meeting

  November 22, 2016 By: INSEC


The cadres of United Madhesi Morcha have set fire on a motorbike with a registration number Lu1Pa1847. The cadres have set fire on a motorbike belonging to Khada Nanda Pandey at Parasi-Maheshpur road section in Harpur VDC-9.

The district coordinator Mukurji Giri of United Madhesi Morcha have taken the responsibility of the incident and warned that the agitation will continue until the constitution is not amended.

The southern part of the district is affected by the Agitation announced by the Morcha from November 20.

Meanwhile, cadres from Madhesi Morcha have captured the minute book from the meeting held to prepare local level model as per the federal structure.

The meeting was held at District Development Committee with a chairmanship of District Development Committee local officer Lal Prasad Adhikari on November 21.

The cadres protested and demanded that local level should not be made until the issue on delimitation is not solved.


Narayan Parajuli