AWC’s appeal to respect democratic freedom

  March 5, 2017 By: INSEC

Accountability Watch Committee to Madhesi Democratic Front has expressed its disagreement to undemocratic practice for creating barrier in peaceful activities of the political parties and alerted that they will not allow to tarnish the image of democratic freedom appealing to respect it.

Chairman of the Committee, Chran Prasai on March 5 signed the appeal where Madhesi front is appealed to respect the democratic freedom and has drawn the attention of Government of Nepal to provide peace and security. ‘We appeal to respect the fundamental right of the citizen to express their opinions and not to engage in activities which will create chaos’-stated in appeal issued by the watch committee.

‘The life of Democracy lies in the supremacy of civilian. Therefore, the national and international laws have mentioned the right of citizens to express without fear and pressure, to argue, to forms unions, to move freely, to profess business as inviolable fundamental right’-mentioned in appeal. Political parties considering as a representative voice of the citizen’s union, it has stated that it not just a regular work but the responsibility of political parties to conduct and support the activities of peaceful assembly.

The release of committee further states ‘Political leaders of Nepal, since few year has started the trend of creating barrier and obstruction in the program of opposition party.) On that regard,  the Mechi -Mahakali national unity program organized by CPN (UML) had mentioned about the clash that might occur with Madhesh Centered political parties. The three cadres of Saptari smothered black to UML cadres. Madhesi Morcha has announced the parallel program of protest to obstruct the program of pre- announced program of UML. ‘

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