Tuesday , 17th July 2018

Tuesday , 17th July 2018

Misbehavior on girls doubles the number among the children

October 11, 2017 By INSEC

The number of misbehavior and violence on girls is almost the double in the district as compared to boys while Khotang is celebrating sixth international girl’s day.

Out of 19 incidents documented at Women and Children Office last  year, 13 were related to girls and six were related to boys. Similarly, this year out of four incidents all four were related to girl violence.

The women and children office said that out of 49.8 percent of children in this district most of the children violence is happening in the school of which most of them are related to sexual abuses and misbehavior according to child protector Bidur Acharya. He added that the child violence is increased as there are no “child houses” in the district.

There are various project operating in the district to minimize such violence according to women and children office of the district.

Sunita Magar