Medicine Crunch in Health Organizations

  June 3, 2017 By: INSEC

The Bichhaya Health Post of remote northern parts of the district do not even have a “Jeevan Jal”.

The health post incharge Kamal Acharya said that the patients come in the health post in a daily basis however there are no medicines at all.

Sunkala Rokaya of Bichhaya Netaki had to return empty handed after she could not get even” Jeevanjal” for her son who was suffering from Diarrhea. Same as Sunkala, in average 10-12 patients of Diarrhea comes to the health post.

Incharge Acharya said that the medicine was not supplied from the district. He added that “Jeevanjal” is in shortage since two weeks. There are shortages of every kind of medicine in the health post.

There are shortages of contraceptives since month according to ANM Sita Thapa.  There are no health workers as per the post. Not only in Bichyaa, the northern parts of the district such as Rugin, Wai, Gotri and Sappata health post have a medicine crunch.

The medicines have been demanded from regional health directives however there are shortages of medicine in regional office itself according to Ramesh Kunwar of District Public Health.


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