Medicine Crunch in Health organizations of Ramechhap

  December 18, 2017 By: INSEC

There is a shortage of free medicine provided by the government in almost all health organizations of Ramechhap district. The shortage is due to the delay on buying medicine on time.

The policy has been formulated from this year that a local level will purchase medicine and distributes it through health organizations. The delay in purchasing process by the local levels have resulted the shortage in medicine in the district.

Dr Rajendra Bhandary of primary health center of Geluka said that the health organization is not even being able to provide simple medicines to the patients. The government had announced to provide 70 types of free medicines to District Hospital, 58 types to health centers and 35 types of free medicines to Health Posts.

Meanwhile, INSEC including Human Rights Network of the district has released a press statement and drew the attention regarding the crisis of medicine.

Nawa Raj Pathik