Medicine Crunch in District, three dies in one day

  January 2, 2018 By: INSEC

There has been an epidemic of flu in all seven Rural Municipalities of Humla District and due to the epidemic, four people have already lost their lives and hundreds of people are suffering.

The problem started after the shortage of medicine in District Public Health Office. Shaikare Rokaya, 66 of Sarkegad Rural Municipality died due to the lack of medicine.

The flu has severely affected children and elderly person and the epidemic is the result of dust allergies and drought in the area according to the locals.

There is a shortage of heath professional in health organizations which is another reason people had lost their life according to local Kal Bahadur AD.

In Health Post of Redikot and Rahadev, there is not even a single tablet of Citamol. Prior to this, the District Hospital used to deliver medicine however now Rural Municipality has this provision. The Rural Municipality has failed to deliver the medicine.

Health incharge Supe AD said that he is just showing his presence in the health post doing nothing since three months as there are no medicine.

Locals said that they had to walk miles to reach the health post and had to return back empty handed.


Nanda Singh