Medicine crunch at health organizations of Bardiya

  December 3, 2016 By: INSEC

The health organizations of Bardiya are facing shortages in free medicine. There is a shortage in free medicine in the district distributed by the government.

Health incharge Harihar Sapkota of Sanoshre health post saod that there are shortages in normal medicine like Citamol, Iron tablets, Metro and Dipo.

The government have announced to distribute 70 types free medicine in the district however only 58 types from primary health center and 35 types of medicine from health post are being distributed. There are only three Primary Health Center and 31 health post in Bardiya. After the shortages in medicine in the heath organizations, the locals are compelled to pay high price to get these medicine. Sunder Rani Tharu of Suryapatuwa VDC said that she was told to buy Citamol from pharmacy when she went to the health post for the treatment of headache.

There has been shortages in essential medicine in health organizations including Saline water. Mahendradhwoj Adhikari, chief of District Public Health Office of Bardiya said that tender has been called to proceed buying of medicine and soon the problem will be solved.


Man Bahadur Chaudhary