Maternity Service affected due to the lack of health professionals

  June 6, 2018 By: INSEC

The daily operation of Health Post in Naumule Rural Municipality-4, Kalika is affected from the last two weeks due to the lack of maternity health worker.

Meena Roka, 21 of Naumule Rural Municipality-4, Bangebazar had to return back to her home after not having health workers in the health post for maternity services. She was compelled to give birth without the help of any health professionals.

The service has been affected after ANM Kalpana Saru and AHW Mana Maya Gurung both gone for leave at a time. There is one  male Senior Health Assistant and he is providing services other than maternity according to local Suraj Chetri.

Chief Dr Niranjan Pant of District Health Office said that he will initiate after gathering factual  information.

Amar Sunar