Majority of domestic violence complaints are settled

  July 27, 2018 By: INSEC

Majority of the complaints registered at Women and Children Center under the District Police Office are settled in an agreement.

In this financial year, 245 complaints of domestic violence were registered at the center of which 168 complaints made were settled in an agreement according to inspector Sujata Tumbahamphe of the center.

SP Mukesh Kumar Singh of DPO Saptari said that majority of the complaints registered under domestic violence are settled in an agreement to pay treatment costs or apologies. SP Singh said that pressure is created among the family and village as soon as the applicant makes the complaint at police office with the possibility of settlement.

From 2017 to 18, the center has registered 245 complaints of Domestic violence which included 34 incidents of expulsion from the house, 31 incidents of deprivation of food and clothes, 14 incidents of beating in an inebriated state, 12 incidents of not acquiring marriage or birth certificate, seven incidents of dowry related cases, 24 incidents of polygamy and threatening and other 120 on incidents of mental or physical torture.





Manohar Kumar Pokhrel