Major Political leaders violates Code of Conduct

  November 6, 2017 By: INSEC

Along with the approaching date of HoR and State Assembly election on November 27, the major political party’s leader have started the violation of election code of conduct by disseminating election against it.

Colorful   flex banner with the photo of HoR candidate Upendra Yadav of Federal Socialist Forum from the constituency number 2 and photo of RJP leader Manish Kumar Suman from the same constituency have been put at Raj Biraj Municipality-7, Gajendra Chok against the election code of conduct.

The Election code of conduct has strictly prohibited on using of colorful flex banner and photo during the election campaign.

Chief election officer Harish Chandra Dhungana said that the political parties have been cautioned and their activities are being monitored.


Manohar Kumar Pokhrel