Madhesi Morcha Boycotts Parliamentarian Meeting

  March 11, 2017 By: INSEC

Leaders of agitating United Democratic Madhesi Front (UDMF) were not present on the legislative parliamentarian meeting announced on March 11.

Parliament member Ashok Rai of Federal Socialist Forum demanded to take action against those involved in the Saptari incident accusing of using unnecessary force as soon as the meeting started.  As soon as the MP Rai kept his word, the parliament members of Madhesi Front surrounded the rostrum chanting the slogans.

Similarly, speaking in Parliament on the behalf of Maoists Centre, MP Agni Prasad demanded to take action against the accused of Kanchanpur incident since Indian government has repeatedly attacked on Nepal’s Sovereignty.

MP Kunti Kumari Shahi of RPP demanded for diplomatic pressure to take action against the guilty of Kanchanpur incident. She criticized the press release of Indian embassy stressing about the humiliation and border encroachment that Nepalese have been facing at the border side by Indians.

UML MP Prem Ale accused government of remaining silent in the Kanchanpur incident where Nepali civilians have been killed by Indian security forces and demanded to investigate the incident.

MJF-Democratic MP Yogendra Chaudhary demanded to declare Gautam Govinda a martyr stating that the death of Nepalese citizen by SSB in Nepali land is not normal.

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