Locals Demand for accessible election polling centre

  May 1, 2017 By: INSEC

The locals at Namkha Village council-1 demanded for the accessible election polling centre.

Local Takdir Lama complained that the election commission has missed out their name from the polling centre at Buddha Primary School where they were casting votes before.

Locals have drawn the attention of chief election office and district administration office complaining that the election poll centre being inaccessible.

Locals have also demanded to re-establish the election poll at Buddha Primary School otherwise at least 350 voters will have to walk for three hours to cast their vote.

CDO Dhan Prasad Paudel said that he will initiate with election commission regarding the issue.

Similarly, election officer Khil Nath Regmi committed to initiate for the re-establishment of election centre in accessible place .


Nanda Singh