Local representatives and civil society are two sides of a coin: Stakeholders

  August 20, 2018 By: INSEC

The stakeholders in a program held in Kathmandu said that local representatives and Civil society are synonymous and there is no alternatives other than working together.

The dialogue program between the local representative and civil organization was organized by INSEC on August 20. Member of Parliament and representatives of civil society organization of province 3 were present in the dialogue.

Speaking at the program house speaker of the province 3, Sanu Kumar Shrestha said that the provincial parliament will make an environment for the registration of civil organization and its operation. He added that human rights friendly law will be operated. He also said that prosperity without the coordination from civil society and local representatives is impossible.

Speaking at the program, INSEC chair Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that civil society is working as a bridge between the citizen and state.He added that it is supporting the prosperity of the country. He stressed that the evaluation of work of civil society is important.

MPs of province 3 have given stressed on coordination between the civil society organization and provincial MPs.


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