Lack of secretary affects the service in Rural Municipality

  July 14, 2019 By: INSEC

The beneficiaries at Dudhpokhari Rural Municipality with eight wards have complained of not getting effective service due to the lack of secretary. The Rural Municipality has only one secretary and from the last two months no secretary were presented in the office.

The work load of eight wards are handled only by one secretary according to the Rural Municipality chair Chupimaya Gurung.

Gurung said that secretary Khamba Bahadur Bogati is compelled to do the work of eight wards.

Beneficiaries are having difficulties on receiving services of even a minor work. Vice chair Kamal Prasad Dhital said that the coordination between the provincial government and federal government is undergoing to solve the issue.

The beneficiaries are having difficulties to even reach the office as it is about six hours walking distance .

Dal Bahadur Majakoti