Lack of Birth Registration Causing Difficulty on Study for Dependent Children in Ilam Prison

  August 27, 2016 By: INSEC

The administration at District Prison of Ilam said that the dependent children of prisoners and detainees are having difficulties in study due to the lack of their birth registration. Prison chief Srijana Luitel said that most of the mothers do not have citizenship and father are not in contact which is causing difficulties for their birth registration.

Luitel informed that three years old Anjan Basnet, four years old Smriti Rai, two years old Ishwor Shrestha and three years old Nishan Rai are deprived of getting education due to the lack of birth registration certificate.

“These children do not have father’s whereabouts and mothers do not have citizenship certificate. This is causing difficulty in their birth registration. Only alternative is if the VDC and district secretaries of respective districts come and make their certificate in the prison”, she said.

Various organisations of the district come to the prison to sponsor those dependent children however they could not study due to the lack of birth certificate according to Luitel.

Kokila Dhakal