Journo threatened for life over the issue of news

  May 10, 2018 By: INSEC

Journo Pabitra Kumar Shahi,30 of Raskot Municipality-1 working at Nagarik Daily has accused ward chairman of ward number 1 and 2, threatening him for life.

The victim accused ward chairman Nawa Raj Sanjel of ward 1 and Daya Ram Simkhada,40 of 2 of threatening him for life over the issue of news with heading “Ward chairman under police investigation” published in Nagarik Daily.

Ward chairman Sanjel was arrested by the police on charge of doing unsocial activities in an inebriated state in Surkhet. The news was published in Nagarik Daily and mission news online. Ward chairman of ward number 2 had also threatened him regarding the news published.

The duo accused however denied the allegation and said that the news was biased.

FNJ Karnali province had released a press statement on May 11 and condemned the incident of threatening journalist.


Kali Bahadur Malla