Journo Misbehaved

  January 20, 2018 By: INSEC

The agitators protesting and demanding to make Dang as a  temporary capital  have misbehaved journos Kuldeep Neupane, 37, Narendra KC, 35 Dilli Malla, 30 and Ajad Khadka, 35  while they were collecting the news.

The agitators obstructed journos to operate Jeep with registration number Ra1Ta433 and removed their banner.

The agitators even threatened them of life according to sub-editor Narendra KC of Nayabodh daily. Journos were compelled to go back to Ghorahi after the incident according to KC.

The journos requested and urged the agitators not to obstruct them in collecting news.


J.N Sagar