failing to provide justice to victims is a weakness: NHRC

  November 21, 2016 By: INSEC


The National Human Rights Commission said that ending of armed conflict with Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) is a positive state however failing to provide justice to the victims until now is a weakness.

The commission while making a report public regarding the situation of Human Rights and to commemorate 10 years of CPA said that the incidents of torture has decreased however it has not been eradicated yet.

The report made public by the commission states that the ESC rights could not be enjoyed due to the lack of scientific land reformation program. The report also stated that due to the enough initiation on problems of Haliya, squatters, freed Kamaiyas, Haruwa and Charuwas, these communities are still in agitation.

“During the armed conflict, huge amount of people had left their land and after the signing of CPA most of them have returned back however they are not able to get enough reparation. The state has failed to provide relief and reparation equally. Many of the victims are not able to get back their captured property,” the report says.

The report stated that many of the victims victimized by state and non-state party during a decade long armed conflict were not able to get reparation. It has also urged the government and political leaders to bring special programs for discharged child combatant for their reestablishment, employment and education.


Ram Kumari Shrestha