International Disappearance Day: “Commission has failed to work”

  August 29, 2018 By: INSEC

The armed conflict victims have complained that CIEDP has failed to work to give positive results to the victims’ families.

After the comprehensive peace accord in 2006 November 21, it was committed that the whereabouts of the loved ones will be informed to the family within 60 days. However, it has already been 12 years and they are still waiting for the answers.

Victims said that the commission formed to investigate the whereabouts of the people disappeared by both state and conflicting party is in dilemma.

Eek Raj Bhandari, founding chair of Disappeared Family Society said “It is painful that victims’ families are still waiting the information about their loved ones till now, on top of that the commission has failed to work properly”.

The families of disappeared are in crisis as they have lost their bread winner. Bhandari demanded that state must take responsibility of them.

Chairperson Suman Adhikari of conflict victim Sajha Chautari accused government of not listening the issues of conflict victims. The commission has failed to work being a victim-centric, he said.

The spokesperson professor Dr Bishnu Pathak of the commission said that “commission is working only for victims and we are continuously working for their justice”.

According to Pathak, until the eight months after the formation of the commission they did not have office to work. He added that it took 13 months for commissions manual.

In the commission, complaint has been lodged by the victims against former prime minister, home minister, defense minister and some high officials. At that time 85% people from state and 15% from non-state were disappeared.