Interaction with Voters regrding Local Level Election

  April 16, 2017 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has discussed with the voters in Dailekh regarding the local level election and its environment. A team had met with the locals at Dullu Monicipality-1 and discussed with the situation of upcoming local level election. INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam discussed with the local regarding the security issues and voter’s understanding about the election.

The voters during the discussion program said that they are eager to vote in election to select the appropriate person in appropriate post. Local voter Dhana Bahadur Shahi said that people are facing many problem because of local bodies being vacant for almost two decade. He added that the election is must and the environment for election is building up in the district.


The monitoring team included INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam, INSEC mid-western regional coordinator Bhola Mahat, INSEC general secretary Krishna Murari Prasad Bhatta and documentation officer Narayan Subedi. The team will also visit Kalikot, Jumla and Mugu district and gather the information and discuss about the election according to coordinator Bhola Mahat.

The monitoring team had distributed the INSEC publications to the voters.


INSEC regional office, Nepalgunj