Intellectually disabled woman in police protection

  June 22, 2018 By: INSEC

Police have given a protection to an intellectually disabled woman from June 15 who was found abandoned.

She was given protection by the police after “Ashraya Service Centre”operated under women and children office was closed. The District Police Office has employed one police women regularly for her protection.

Inspector Sujata Tumbahamphe of DPO said that the victim was rescued from Rupani Rural Municipality 10 days ago in an abandoned state.

The identity of the woman is not known yet as she is verbal impaired.

The women and children office are being closed in the district after adopting the new structure. This has made Safe houses service being closed as well resulting the difficulties.

After the closure of these service centers, the responsibility to protect victims of domestic violence and abandoned women has come under police department.

Member Baidhy Nath Jha of the District Child Wale Fare Committee said that the safe house centers are very essential for the protection of victims of domestic violence and demanded for re opening of such houses.