Insufficient Classrooms Deprive Students from Quality Education

  March 15, 2020 By: INSEC

Due to insufficient classrooms in Shree Aadhunik Primary School of Chandrapur Municipality-5, Rajpaida, two classes are being held in one room. Students of this school are deprived of quality education. The school has area of 3645 sq. ft. on which there are two buildings and one field. The buildings have only four rooms- one for child development, one for first grade, one for grade two, three and office and remaining one for grade four, five and kitchen.

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Kishori Chaudhary, Principal of the school says, ‘ We have two conduct two classes with different subjects in one class, which distracts the students directly and indirectly.’

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Shivraj Chaudhary, teacher of the school says, ‘ Students cannot concentrate on one teacher and answer to any teacher they feel like answering.’ The teachers are not being able to use different methods of teaching and their classes are being limited, he added. Also the school has only one toilet. The field is also small for the classes. Students use roads for the extra-curriculum activities. This has also risked their safety.

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Kamal Chaudhary, a parent says,’ one room is being used for classes and office and another for classes and kitchen, students cannot focus in anyway.’

Sujata Chaudhary, a fifth grader says,’ Due to having two classes and kitchen in one room, our concentration in more on the food and jokes cracked by friends instead of the content being taught.’

Sanjay Kafle, Chairperson of Chandrapur Municipality-5 says, ‘ After monitoring the school, they have allocated budget of Rs. 1.6 Million and the work will start soon.’

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Kopila Timalsina