INSEC urges government to look forward for the meaningful dialogue

  July 20, 2018 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has released a press statement on 20 July and urged government and agitating orthopedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC to sit in a meaningful and accountable dialogue without having any biasness respecting the rule of law.

The statement said that a serious attention has been drawn on a clash between the agitators and police during the process of bringing agitating orthopedic Dr Govinda KC to Teaching Hospital in Kathmandu for treatment from Jumla after the Karnali Institute of Health and Science said that his treatment is not possible in Karnali.

It further states “Public health is a basic rights of a citizen which is also adopted by the constitution of Nepal. We have formed the state bodies as per the commitment of solving public issues through democratic methods and processes. The government already have the report submitted by Giri commission, Mathema Commission and Karki Commission to make the health education manageable and disciplined. “

The statement has also mentioned that for the  effective health services, necessary process and infrastructure is essential and added that It is important to make it effective by respecting relative laws and all levels of state officials, and for this, it is important for doctors himself to show disciplined and committed participation.

The statement has also urged Dr KC that “ he is well known on his “Satyagraha” and this is his weightage. His responsibility covers not letting the health services to go towards anarchy but to make it more disciplined and controlled. “


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