INSEC urges not to follow the fabricated accusation

  December 26, 2018 By: INSEC

INSEC has released a press statement on December 26 and drew its serious attention on a video footage that was made public in a Facebook page of Nagarik News, regarding the fabricated, confusing and objectionable opinion given by Ganga Maya Adhikari on a heading Deception by Human Rights Activists, targeting INSEC immediate past chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel. The press statement signed by INSEC chairperson Dr Indira Shrestha says “In a video footage, Adhikari falsely alleged Pyakurel of “depositing 1 billion to acquit criminal, imprisoning her son despite of providing justice and mishandling budget” severely affecting the dignity and respect of the person against the prevailing law.”

The statement says that all allegation is false and is motivated by malevolent. The statement also said that INSEC, has been working for human rights and social justice since 1991 and presented itself across the country and it does not need project by selling the name of conflict victims. INSEC also confirms that all allegations that were made viral in social media are fabricated, misleading and objectionable.


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