INSEC urges not to extend tenure of commissions before fulfilling Responsibility

  January 8, 2018 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has released a press statement on January 8 and said that its attention has been drawn on the decision made by cabinet ministry on January 5 regarding issuing ordinance to extend the time period of TRC and CIEDP. The statement signed by INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel stated that the major responsibilities of both the commissions formed in 2015, February 11 were to investigate the complaints on conflict victims, identifying the guilt and recommending for action, security of victim and providing reparation to them and further stated that the two commissions have spent its time only on receiving complaints from victims, nothing more than that.

The statement says, “The Supreme Court issued ordinance in the name of government and appealed United Nations, victims and Human Rights organizations to make act favorable to victims. But, the government and political parties took the issues of transitional justice as a normal phenomenon which was completely against the Comprehensive Peace Accord (CPA)”.

INSEC has requested the government to give attention not only on extending the tenure of commission but on changing the infrastructure and working pattern on the issue of transitional justice or else it will be like a mirage.

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