INSEC monitors District Prison

  March 19, 2017 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Centre (INSEC) has conducted a monitoring at District Prison of Ilam on March 19. During the monitoring, most of the inmates and detainees complained that they have been deprived of skill learning and getting information.

They further complained that it is necessary to provide skill learning training in the prison however no initiation has been taken.

At present, they are getting trainings on making chairs and knitting clothes however it is not enough said prison guard Hari Adhikari. He added that it is positive if some other training could be provided to the inmates so that they can engage on their own business after doing their jail term.

Women prison guard Ajita Paudel said that even they are in need of necessary skill training. She added that they are deprived of right to information as no newspapers are provided. The service provided by the government is not enough according to her.

Led by INSEC officer Samjha Shrestha of central office, the team had monitored the health factors, nutrition and food situation of the inmates and detainees. The team had also gathered information from assistant CDO Sujan Phago and police chief Sushil Kumar Yadav about the overall human rights situation of the district.


Kokila Dhakal