INSEC Monitors District Prison of Dang

December 20, 2016 By INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has conducted a monitoring in District prison of Dang and various governmental offices to find out the Human Rights situation.

The monitoring team from INSEC central office, its regional office and district representatives have visited the district prison , police and women /children offices and gathered the information about the situation of human rights of detainees and inmates.

The monitoring team has found that there is a lack of space for the inmates and detainees. The allowances for the detainees and inmates are not enough, the team said.

The district Prison has a capacity to accommodate 50 prisoners and detainees however there are 204 inmates and detainees. This overcrowd has made the management very difficult according to jailer Nima Nanda Rijal.

Meanwhile, the team had conducted a discussion program with SP Dhiraj Pratap Singh of Dang regarding the Human Rights situation of the district. SP Singh said that there is an increasing trend of gender violence in the district.

Similarly, Parbati Rana, inspector of Women and Children office said that incident of women violence is increasing in the district.


J.N Sagar