INSEC Leads a Committee to Investigate Suspicious death of a girl

  December 12, 2016 By: INSEC


An investigation committee has been formed led by INSEC district representative to investigate a suspicious death of 16 years old Samikchya Acharya on December 9 while participating in a rally during the inauguration of International business Expo.

The committee was formed during a meeting held in presence of civil society, activists, legal entrepreneurs and media personnel  in an initiation of appellate court unit of Surkhet on December 12.

The committee formed in coordination of INSEC district representative Durga Thapa includes chairpersom Ganesh Kanchan Bharati of FNJ Surkhet, Nanda Bhandari and Kaushila Yogi of appellate court Surkhet, human rights activist Ram Kumari Thapa and Suveckchya Khadka from CIWIN Nepal.

The committee will draw attention of the stakeholders for the necessary investigation of the death. The girl became unconscious while participating in a rally and died on the way to the hospital on December 9.


Durga Thapa