INSEC Confident on Human Rights Commitment

  October 17, 2017 By: INSEC

Informal Sector Service Center (INSEC) has expressed its greetings to Nepal Government and its people for the success on being elected on Human Rights Council as a member and said that it is confident that the commitment on human rights will be full filled along with this success.

The press released by INSEC stated that“Along with Nepal, 15 other countries got the opportunity to represent themselves in Human Rights Council. Human Rights Council is a worldwide body that protects and promotes human rights”.

“We believe that the opportunity to be elected in the council is the Human Rights commitment made by Nepal in an international arena. This will play an important role to increase Nepal’s image in an international forum”, the statement says.

The statement also said that “We are confident that the importance of this success will be stronger if the GoN is more vigilant on following the international commitment on Human Rights”.


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