Tuesday , 11th December 2018

Tuesday , 11th December 2018

INSEC chair Pyakurel appointed as Province-1 planning commission chair

October 31, 2018 By INSEC

The meeting of the Province no 1 council of ministers today made 12 various decisions including the formation of the provincial planning commission.
Accordingly, the province 1 government has appointed human rights activist Subodh Raj Pyakurel of Biratnagar the Chairman of the provincial planning commission. Meena Bhandari and Purna Laksam have been appointed the members.
Pyakurel si actively engaged in Human Rights and social justice from the Panchayat Era and was jailed time to time during the democratic campaign.


He is a co-convener of Regional Initiative for a South Asia Human Rights Mechanism.

From the establishment of INSEC he is playing a leadership role in the organization. While speaking with INSEC online ,recently appointed vice-chair Pyakurel of planning commission province 1 said that ā€œdevelopment is for People and the role of state is just to facilitate”. He further requested all citizen of province 1 to give hand to this campaign of people’s development by people.


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