INSEC Chair congratulated

  November 1, 2018 By: INSEC

INSEC chairperson Subodh Raj Pyakurel is congratulated on November 1 on his appointment as a vice-chair of policy and planning commission of Province number 1. The provincial government had decided to appoint him as a vice-chair of planning commission on October 31.

He was congratulated by INSEC founder chair, former and present committee officials and members along with staffs during the program organized by INSEC in Lalitpur on November 1st.

Pyakurel was appointed as a vice-chair of policy planning commission by the cabinet ministers meeting on October 31st .


Speaking at the program, INSEC founder chair Sushil Pyakurel said that efficient manpower must go to the local and provincial level to make federalism more effective. He added that human rights is a journey and it continues. He said that role can be different but the journey never ends.

INSEC chair Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that representative of a group can only be a leader and said that INSEC activities are joint campaign. He added that he is ready to any campaign to make the nation prosperous.

INSEC former general secretary Lal Babu Yadav said that “INSEC chair Pyakurel led activities in province 1 will create a history for that province. INSEC has its identity in south Asia because of his leadership. We expect that the planning commission led by Pyakurel will give positive message to the nation.”

INSEC board member Indira Shrestha said that INSEC will be more empowered and wished him for his successful tenure.

INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam congratulated Pyalurel for his appointment as a vice-chair of planning commission.


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