Inmates and Detainees Facing Shortage in drinking water

  March 30, 2017 By: INSEC

The district prison of Salyan is facing shortage in  drinking water. This has directly affected the daily activities of the inmates and detainees according to jailer Bikram KC. He added that there is no water in a tap since six months and the prison administration is compelled to buy drinking water in a tank which is costing them Rs 75,000 in a month.

Jailer KC added that the concerned authority has been already informed about the situation however no initiation has been taken yet. The “C” graded prison has seven male and 15 female inmates including two infants. Among these, 65 are detainees. The prison is four times overcrowded and this has directly affected their food and hygiene. They are even having problem in going to toilet according to the inmates and detainees of the prison. The water purchased from the tanker is not even enough for them to bath, washing and using in toilet said inmate Mahendra Thapa.


Meena Budathoki