Inmates and detainees facing difficulties

  January 13, 2019 By: INSEC

The inmates and detainees at the district prison of Ramechhap are facing difficulties due to the over crowd. The prison has more than 287 inmates and detainees than its capacity.

The “D” graded district prison has a capacity to accommodation 100 inmates and detainees however there are 287 inmate and detainees.

They are facing various issues due to the overcrowd prison such as going to toilet, sleeping, eating and drinking water. The number of inmates and detainees are increasing in the prison however the infrastructure of the prison is very weak. There are no proper entertainment services for the  inmates and detainees. According to jailer Pramod Adhikari,female inmates were transferred after the earthquake. The inmates are severely facing water issue according to the prison administration.


Nawa Raj Pathik