Inmates and detainees facing crisis

  February 23, 2019 By: INSEC

The inmates and detainees of District Prison of Bhojpur are facing crisis due to the dilapidated condition of the prison building. The building is very weak especially after the devastating earthquake in 2015 according to the prison administration.

The rooms of the prison building are not in use after the building became weak and the compound of the building is not enough for the inmates. They are facing difficulties on sleeping.

The inmates are facing immediate crisis on using toilets as they have to be in a queue to use toilet in the morning. The prison chief Khagendra Adhikari said that there can be an accident at anytime as the building is very weak.

The prison building has a capacity to accommodate only 40 inmates and detainees however there are 103 inmates. The concerned authority must give attention to this serious issue on time.

Ganesh Bista