Inmates and Detainees doing formal education in prison

  February 10, 2018 By: INSEC

Inmate and detainees in Nakkhu jail have continued their formal education. Prior to this , they were not able to continue it.

Jailer Tek Bahadur KC said that most of the inmates and detainees are studying in various level. The one who was studying before have given continuity on their studies and some of them have started their studies according to RSS.

 Inmates and detainees are studying in both school and college level. Jailer KC said” those who were not able to continue their studies before are studying now”. The jail administration has also motivated inmate and detainees to engage in some skilled work rather than wasting time.

 At present, 19 inmates and detainees are preparing for SEE examination and every year the rate of participation in exam is similar to this according to jail administration.

The jail administration has managed for the education in various level. There are 800 inmates and detainees in the jail at present.

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