Inmates Accommodated In Tents Due to Overcrowded Prison

  July 30, 2020 By: INSEC

The inmates of Salyan District Prison are compelled to sleep under tents due to overcrowding.

Harilal Adhikari, a prison guard, informed that with the addition of new inmates on a daily basis, people have to sleep in tents outside due to scarcity of room.

According to the Prison Administration, the prison has a capacity of 20 inmates and can still accommodate up to 40 inmates. But at present there are three minors, 114 men and 18 women.

Jailer Bal Bahadur KC shared that the other works of the office is being affected due to the dilapidated and cramped condition of the jail and even the security personnel are facing problems.

KC said, “Even when the prisoners here are transferred, they do not want to go to other districts. We are preparing to complete the transfer and other procedures in time.”


Meena Budhathoki