ICJ Urges to reject Impeachment motion against Chief Justice

  May 3, 2017 By: INSEC

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) has urged the government of Nepal and political parties to reject the impeachment motion against chief justice Sushila Karki according to RSS.

The commission’s chief Matt Polard while releasing a press statement on May 2 urged to reject the motion as the motion has raised serious concern about the independence of Nepal’s Supreme Court  and the separation of power in the country.

The press release states that the impeachment motion must be rejected by the parliament.

It also states that the impeachment motion against the chief justice is historical in Nepal’s history and it has raised a serious question on independence of judiciary and separation of power principle.

According to INSEC district representative Sangeeta Bhat of Kaski, the active members of civil society have demanded with the government to immediately take back the impeachment motion against the chief justice Sushila Karki. The press released by the civil society stated that the impeachment motion is  a direct intervention on judiciary  of the country.

Through a press release, the society has urged to implement the verdicts of Supreme Court by ending the impunity prevailing in the country. It has also demanded government to institutionalize and ensure judicial and democratic norms.


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