Wednesday , 27th March 2019

Wednesday , 27th March 2019

Human Trafficker Sentenced For 10 Years

August 19, 2016 By INSEC

The District Court of Chitwan has ordered to sentence Akkal Bahadur Tamang,35 of Sindhupalchok district, Baramchi for 10 years on August 17 on charge of involving in trafficking 22-years-old girl. The court has also ordered to penalise him a Rs 50,000.

A single bench of district court judge Narayan Subedi has given a verdict regarding the case.

The victim was duped for a foreign employment and was being trafficked in India through Narayangadh.  He was arrested by the police on June 19.

A complaint against the accused was lodged at District Police Office on June 20 by an organisation named “Sana Haatharu”. The same organisation had rescued a girl from Pulchwok of Chitwan on June 19.

Deependra Adhikari