Human Rights Documentation Regional Workshop Begins

  September 26, 2016 By: INSEC

Two day regional workshop on Human Rights documentation has begun in Nepalgunj from September 26. The program was organized by INSEC central office.

Speaking at the program, INSEC executive director Bijaya Raj Gautam said that the important work and roles played by INSEC in the past have established its image in both national and international level. He stressed on digitalization of report as per the time demand. He further stressed that INSEC district representatives must document the incidents regarding ESC rights.photo20160925

Speaking at the program Madan Paudel, chief of Human Rights documentation and dissemination department said that district representatives must improve significantly while working for INSEC online and Human Rights Year Book.

INSEC Mid-regional coordinator Bhola Mahat said that the program was organized in order to improve and identifying the problems of district representatives. Similarly INSEC Far-western regional coordinator Khadga Raj Joshi said that one cannot give excuse showing the problem of geographical difficulties while conducting its duty. He added that regular monitoring on work done by district representative is being conducted by INSEC regional and central offices.

The program will be held for two days. The program will be facilitated by documentation and dissemination chief Madan Paudel, Bimal Chandra Sharma, Anuj KC according to INSEC regional office of Nepalgunj. There are participation of 34 district representatives of INSEC from Mid-western, western, far-western and mid-region.


Binod Pandey