Human Rights Defender are also Defender of Democracy: Pyakurel

  November 30, 2016 By: INSEC

The former NHRC member and founder chairperson of INSEC Sushil Raj Pyakurel said that Human Rights defender also being the defender of democracy must show their solidarity to protect the democracy.

He announced it while addressing the first day of eastern regional second assembly of Human Rights Defenders on November 29 in Biratnagar.

The program was organized jointly by INSEC and Human Defenders Council in coordination of Alliance for Social dialogue.

Pyakurel said that Human Rights cannot be ensured until democracy is not improved. He added that guareenting the democratic system is the main issue of Human Rights Defender. He said we are not only the human rights defender but also defender of democracy.

Speaking at the program, parliamentarian Amrit Aryal of CPN UML said that getting constitution from the constitutional assembly is a big achievement and added that protecting constitution by addressing the unsatisfied group is the main priority.

The program will continue for two days. The assembly of November 30 will appoint new leadership according to INSEC regional coordinator Som Raj Thapa.



INSEC Eastern Regional Office, Biratnagar