Human Rights Commission team in disease affected village.

  September 22, 2016 By: INSEC

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) and INSEC team has inspected Koiladi VDC as the entire village is affected by the diarrhea.

The team of Human Rights Commission officer Rewa Regmi, Human Rights Assistant Bibha Dhungana, Nawal Singh, INSEC district representative Manohar Kumar Pokharel had monitored affected villages to know the condition.

The team in Koiladi VDC-1 provided suggestions and measures to health camp workers, patients, local residents to control diseases .

The diarrhea and other diseases that began from Koiladi VDC-2 has spread in Koiladi VDC 4, 6, 7 and 9 . Total of 54 people from Koiladi VDC-2 have received service from health camps, 16 of them received treatment at Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital in Biratnagar, koiladi according to senior health post in-charge Parshuram Yadav.

The senior health administrator Jha said, the health test report of two out of four affected patients is found positive showing the possibility of cholera. The sample of excreta and water is sent to national public health laboratory in Kathmandu on September 22, 2016 for the lab test.

With the outbreak of Pneumonia and diarrhea, the micro-biologist team of World Health Organisation representative Dr. Ram Shah, Department of Epidemiology and Disease Control Division of the Public Health Service Officer Hari Narayan Shah Teku, Kathmandu inspected the affected areas.

The usage of open toilet and water mixed with rain and floods has resulted in increment of water-borne diseases, said Health Inspector Raj Thakur Narayan. Since the risk of water borne diseases is higher, he advised to drink boiled water and cover the water jars.

The health camp is established in village from September 20 with the arrangement of saline water and necessary medicines from the District Public Health Office. The health awareness program has been initiated in the affected areas from September 22.

Manohar Kumar Pokharel