Human Rights Activists Urges Dr KC to Postpone Hunger Strike

  October 6, 2016 By: INSEC

The Human Rights Activists and members from civil society have requested Professor Dr Govinda KC to postpone his hunger strike for some time. Dr KC have been staging hunger strike from September 26 demanding reformation of medical sector and impeachment of CIAA Chief Lok Man Singh Karki.


Human Rights activists Subodh Raj Pyakurel, Charan Prasai, Babu Ram Giri, Om Prakash Aryal inclusing other from civil society met Dr KC on October 5 and urged Dr KC to postpone his strike for some time as his health condition is deteriorating and government’s attention will be less during long festive holidays.

During a meet with Dr KC, Subodh Raj Pyakurel said that Dr KC has revealed the ill practices and corruption within the medical sector to the people. The issues raised by Dr KC are continuously being established and state cannot easily put a side his demands. He added that few CA members have taken is demands positively however due to the bad culture within the politics and administration his demands are not being establishing. He said that people will be able to get relief only if Dr KC’s health condition becomes better.


Human Rights activists Charan Prasai said that the issues raised by Dr KC will have long term effect and it will play a positive role to lead country towards rights direction. He added that Dr KC has a capability to fight and at the same time he urged Dr KC to postpone his strike for some time by keeping in mind about his health condition and prevailing situation.


Professor Dr Govinda KC has been staging a hunger strike since September 26 demanding a reformation of medical sector and impeachment of Lok Man Singh Karki, Chief of CIAA. Dr KC’s health condition is deteriorating according to Dr Dibya Singh involved in his treatment.


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